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Merge Nighclub



Merge nightclub was built by a club enthusiast himself.

No expense was spared with the sound system or the interior  design. It screams NYC and has just the right flow to urge people onto the dance floor.

Tons of places to sit and areas to talk. But make no mistake it has one of the most expensive sound systems in NJ. You are going to feel the deep  “thud” of the bass that will make your feet move but at the same time you can hear yourself talk. That is the sign of a tight sound system with expensive drivers.

If you love house music and you are sick of the “ top 40 hits” this is definitely the place for you. There best night is sat and you are not going to find a huge crowd since it is a “nitch club” but if you love dancing and getting lost in the music.

Pack your gear cause your going deep into the jungle.

Just like all other seaside clubs,

They close at 4am, don’t go in the winter. They are even closed or dead.

308 Boulevard
Seaside Heights, NJ 08751

(732) 793-3111