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4sixty6-Lounge-Club-West Orange NJ

West Orange-20111002-00144

  Lounge 466 Delivers. First off I want to comment on the bouncers, bartenders and door people. They actually treat you like a customer. Friendly and helpful. This is something that has been a problem at many clubs and has stopped people from going to those establishments. The venue is in a nice safe area and it is very upscale and yet very big with “mini-Pacha” type feel.

They ages were from 21- to probably 50 but it was a pretty good looking crowd. Maybe even more girls then guys. My only complaint is that they stop serving liqueur at 2am and are not upfront about that. The other thing is I felt like the lowered the music after 2am. I felt like they should have dimmed the lights and really let it rip. Either way, it’s a great spot, open till 4am and they got it right this time. I hate NY, now I even have less of a reason to go. Nice work.

I cant say the DJ was GREAT but he played some good house tracks and right now the only two clubs in jersey that I enjoy going to that is not juice bag overload with real house is Vevo lounge and this spot.