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1oak NYC – Luxury – Models & Top 40 Music




1oak is a great place to visit if you are in the mood for an upper-class atmosphere.
The crowd is generally good looking and there has been celebrity siting when they first opened.

You must buy a bottle to enter on Sunday or Monday.

Most nights at 1oak you are going to spend about as much as you would at a Las Vegas Nightclub

There are cheaper venues and more expensive ones, all and all a good place to go for a relaxing night
with an above average looking crowd.




Just keep in mind, most of the time a place is being called a “hot spot”
for celebs, that is a great way to know that they have moved along.



Seen At club: Deadmau5, Jay-Z, Crush9 – Blink182- notallthere, Krishnah & a few others. Most were paid to attend but still a good night.