Jonathan Peters – Amensia-NYC 10/31/2011 _ JP Crushes NY (Review)

Total destruction of all DJ’s…………..

Jonathan Peters held a last minute party due to being canceled at District 36. This party started Monday night @ 8pm and was suppose to end at 11pm. This party was one of those rare events that if you went, you lucked out BIG BIG time.

It was amazing. What started at as a small crowd and line of about 20 JP fans grew  and grew and grew. Why? Well, because for whatever reason he released one of the most explosive sets I ever heard in my life. People that attended witnessed first hand the fury of one of the worlds best djs. The party went viral..people texting people, to come to the event. By 1am their was over 600 people in this last minute small venue on a Monday Night.

The energy was explosive. It was almost a dream world. Every song he played seemed to be one of the best songs I ever heard. Every song would have been the big song of the night for most DJ’s. He seemed happy, but there was no doubt that he was making a point and flexed his DJ muscles party goers have ever experienced.

Simply put, JP destroyed it, tore the room in half and played tone of the best sets ever heard.  Many of the fans heard JP play well over 100 times, but were still were in awe.

There was nothing like it. Personally this event made me realize that I had forgot how good music could be and what it was like to not be able to leave a club because wanting to know what the DJ would drop next.

This wasn’t a club it was a jungle deep in Africa with people lost in the black magic of JP. This was skill,  Jonathan Peters showed and proved once again that he has an imagination that is not fabricated or influenced and the skills to match.

Hypnotic energy soaked insanity at it’s best. If this set is ever leaked, grab it because it’s gold.

Below is a crude cell phone video but you can defiantly see that he had the crowd in the palm of his hands.