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Get Deep Ent & Mario Calegari raised the bar and set a new standard  in what to expect to be possible NJ nightlife. Never before in the history of NJ have I seen a turn out for electronic music as large as this one in a contained over 18 non rave format. Spin magazine did announced last month that Electronic music is now bigger in American then it has been in 30 years. This event and it’s management has proven that to be true. FOUR thousand people dancing to house music right in Newark nj.

I have not experienced anything like that since tunnel over 10 years ago. FOUR THOUSAND PEOPLE DANCING TO HOUSE MUSIC IN A GIANT WAREHOUSE IN NEWARK. think about that. It was history., They CRUSHED every club in NJ and anything in new …york.. CRUSHED.

Going anywhere and seeing 100 people with shitty cheese-ball pop music at over hyped venues that never cut it should take a step back and think about what the fuck they are doing wrong because this shit was unreal. If You build it, they will come. Hollllly shit. I been saying for a while that Newark is the spot and boy was I right.. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am taking notes from how this event was promoted because it was genius and the mecca of what is possible. Maybe johnny s right … the best is yet to come… ( Pictures by bad camera phone, but you can get an idea)