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Envy Nightclub – New Jersey – Largest NJ Venue. Opening Summer 2012 – Elizabeth

Club Envy is Located 15 miles from Manhattan and 1 from GSP & Roue 1& 9. The venue is sleek and stylish. The size is massive,  but no expense was spared in filing it with lush leather couches, chandeliers and state of the art Glass DJ Booth(s). Envy is something to behold. Very similar to the Mansion in Miami and XL in Las Vegas.

Elizabeth NJ, has had a few clubs open and closed but it looks like this venue has the finical baking and has already booked 6 of the top ten DJ’s on earth. (Ref ) Major players in the dance music industry have taken much interest in this and the hype surrounding this is going to be big.

The picture below is the entrance waiting area that opens up to 3 other rooms. I think you can get a good idea of what we mean from this image.


For Now,

The only confirmations we got so far are AfroJack  & DJ notallthere. Great names, but are not even near to the level of talent that was

shown to be yet confirmed.Time will show how this “Super Club” will do, but from problems in Manhattan and the lineup of Promoters and Artists, it will be difficult for it to fail. We will update you after the opening.


Cielo – NYC

  Cielo is a space in downtown’s ultra chic Meat Packing District that provides a music program specializing in electronic music. It is a haven for mature individuals seeking intelligent nightlife with neither the hassles of large clubs nor the elitism of upscale lounges with too many VIP rooms. Once you are in Cielo, there will be no more ropes, checkpoints, or rules. Security’s goal is to compliment the experience, not to hinder it.

(This information is provided from cielo’s website)

Metro Lounge

Resident DJ: Richie Rydell

Year Closed 2004 Aprox

Pictures do not repersent videos. these are just random clips that we had for the fanatics of metro.

Sho Nightclub – Elizabeth NJ
Sho NJ Located in Elizabeth NJ is a great example of the upcoming electronic music trend in Central NJ. This club caters towards the dance music crowd and is marketed to be “Upscale”
There is definite evidence of time and money put into this venue. If you have any comments or reviews about this club please let us know. We are still waiting to see how it goes.
Sho is open on Fridays and Saturdays from 10pm – 3am (This time may vary)
299 North Broad St. Elizabeth NJ 07208

Nikki Beach Miami


TIki Bar – Point Pleasant NJ

Avenue Beach Club & Pool

There are not many videos floating around out there but we have seen this place get packed with a very good looking crowd that is not typical to the jersey shore… Beautiful women and not the typical jersey shore “guy” you can get an idea of what to expect venue wise from these videos but if you go on the right day you will be blown away.

It is hard to find information about when their events are but holiday weekends and “Mondays” in the summer are a sure bet.

Surf Club


Now this is how you dance….

Jonathan-Peters @ Black