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Event Promotion


Concerts, Nightclubs, Events, Shows & Large non-profit gatherings require many different forms of marketing and advertising from customer tracking and control to promotion, flyer design, ticket sales and website creation.

We are a one stop shop and we will direct you on what you will need to accomplish your vision and supply you with the design, creation and physical product. You will not even have to lift the finger. Just give us your vision and we will make it a reality.



Booking / Management / Listings

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Event Planning

Allow Captured Excitement to make your next event a big hit. We have an army of designers, models, photographers, Performers & Security to help make things run smoothly and allow you to showcase your venue with state of the art streamlined coordination that can only be offered by CE.

From lighting to tent rentals to custom runways and showcases, we have you covered.


Booking / Management / Listings

Phone: 908-913-0267

Free Venue Promotion

Nightclub / Lounge Profit & Customer Increase Opportunity.

If you feel your establishment is the right fit, this is a tremendous opportunity to increase your cash flow and obtain new customers while spending nothing on the promotions & marketing.


Captured Excitement (CE) is a small entertainment company located in Cranford NJ.

We represent a few strategically chosen & dedicated Promoters, DJ’s & Bartenders that have a strong customer base. We are seeking a venue that is interested in building a weekly event based on house music while using our resident DJ & Producer (notallthere)

Our promoters have 5+ years’ experience & provide branding, marketing along with search engine optimization. We have strong confidence in DJ notallthere’s ability to draw in clientele that has a particular interest in his skillset and style of DJ’ing. What makes him unique is his ability to captivate regulars with pop culture songs while remixing and changing beats on a constant bases.

The end result is a memorizing sound of easy to dance to beats while giving a unique twist that is sure to build the venue brand as being a “Hot Spot” for dance music lovers.


If you own a nightclub, Lounge or bar with a large capacity and a dance floor that you would like to increase profits, draw in new customers that are proven to spend more than the average local, we may be a right fit for each other.

Our goal is to increase you profits and build a brand around your establishment. We will provide promoting and marketing, DJ, Bartenders if needed (this is suggested since our bartender has a following) If you do not have sound equipment, no problem. We use all state of the art sound/audio/video to create an environment that is an experience to behold.

What we want in return is a minimum 12 week contract on that night and the door. If you have existing promoters in place there is no problem with keeping them in the same arrangement that is currently being offered to them.

Plain and simple, this is a great deal you and it is a good one for us. Our hopes is to further our brand while establishing a relationship with your establishment. We are confident in this venture.

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My Direct Cell Phone Number is: 908-468-3090 -Anthony