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Big Event – Hard _beats- & As underground as it can get. – Reno -NV – LAS – June 2012


Performers Locations will be announced with in 48 hours.

Envy Nightclub – New Jersey – Largest NJ Venue. Opening Summer 2012 – Elizabeth

Club Envy is Located 15 miles from Manhattan and 1 from GSP & Roue 1& 9. The venue is sleek and stylish. The size is massive,  but no expense was spared in filing it with lush leather couches, chandeliers and state of the art Glass DJ Booth(s). Envy is something to behold. Very similar to the Mansion in Miami and XL in Las Vegas.

Elizabeth NJ, has had a few clubs open and closed but it looks like this venue has the finical baking and has already booked 6 of the top ten DJ’s on earth. (Ref ) Major players in the dance music industry have taken much interest in this and the hype surrounding this is going to be big.

The picture below is the entrance waiting area that opens up to 3 other rooms. I think you can get a good idea of what we mean from this image.


For Now,

The only confirmations we got so far are AfroJack  & DJ notallthere. Great names, but are not even near to the level of talent that was

shown to be yet confirmed.Time will show how this “Super Club” will do, but from problems in Manhattan and the lineup of Promoters and Artists, it will be difficult for it to fail. We will update you after the opening.


Falucka Lounge – Saddlebrook, NJ

Straight from NY Falucka Lounge has opened a second location in Saddlebrook. NJ

This is a VERY nice lounge with hookahs and house music. Nice sized dance floor with the potential to become a hot spot for the area.

A good night to check it out is on a Friday. Good music and a decent looking crowd.


Sho Nightclub – Elizabeth NJ
Sho NJ Located in Elizabeth NJ is a great example of the upcoming electronic music trend in Central NJ. This club caters towards the dance music crowd and is marketed to be “Upscale”
There is definite evidence of time and money put into this venue. If you have any comments or reviews about this club please let us know. We are still waiting to see how it goes.
Sho is open on Fridays and Saturdays from 10pm – 3am (This time may vary)
299 North Broad St. Elizabeth NJ 07208

Central Park Lounge – Linden New Jersey

Central Park In Linden NJ Offers a great time on Thursday & Friday nights.

No cover charge good looking crowd and a decent guy to girl ration. The ages vary from 21 to 40. This place is up and coming and has been doing very well. The music is generic top 40 but it is always a good time.

We suggest this spot.

Address:  2401 Wood Ave, Linden, NJ 07203

Phone: 1 908.241.8386


Address: 2401 Wood Ave, Linden, NJ 07203

Chris Michaels – Lounge / Nightclub


Friday is a great night to go to this spot. They have great house music an upscale vibe. The staff is definitely not the best but the DJ’s are pretty good. Dress up because you never know what mood the bouncers will be in here. All and all, if you want to hear house music on a Friday, this is not a bad choice.


P 732.634.5355 F 732.634.5388 LOUNGE 732.634.5455

Colorado Cafe – NJ

As surprising as it is, this is a huge, clean venue with an age range from 21 to 41.
They have two rooms, food, rock bands and yes, country music. But don’t let that throw you off because it is only in one room and the crowd is usually pretty good. I would suggest to check it out in the fall / winter.

154 Bonnie Burn Rd
Watchung, NJ 07069
(908) 322-7200 

Rise – Boston Afterhours

Was shocked when I found this venue. Opens at 2am closes at 6am. 2 floors. Pure afterhours dark house and friendly staff. I highly recommend it if you are in the Boston area.
Not bad girl to guy ratio, and for an after-hours club probably one of the least creepiest. Small room but great sound system. If you want to dance and keep the party going this is your spot.

yes the video is dark but trust me the club is pitch black and you gotta love the flithy beats.

306 Stuart Street
Boston, MA 02116-5242
(617) 423-7473