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CE is currently hiring talented individuals to mange and grow that are experts and come off “Strong” in their field. We have a 15 point interview process and training programs for qualified individuals that we feel can really bring something extra to our team. We also offer outsourcing to self-employed individuates that meet our standards and pass the same interview process.


We also offer a paid management service but still, we do not accept all candidates.


We are currently looking for:


DJ’s and producers well versed with Protools  & have large venue experience.

Promotions and marketing experts.

Fashion models with one year of runway experience.

Certified security bouncers and off duty officers with a level 2 card.

Vocal performers



Dancers with experience in professional stage dancing.


We are no longer accepting investors but we are happy to work with you and your venue and are flexible on terms if we feel that there can be a special fit between what you have to offer and what our overall vision is.