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CE is currently hiring talented individuals to mange and grow that are experts and come off “Strong” in their field. We have a 15 point interview process and training programs for qualified individuals that we feel can really bring something extra to our team. We also offer outsourcing to self-employed individuates that meet our standards and pass the same interview process.


We also offer a paid management service but still, we do not accept all candidates.


We are currently looking for:


DJ’s and producers well versed with Protools  & have large venue experience.

Promotions and marketing experts.

Fashion models with one year of runway experience.

Certified security bouncers and off duty officers with a level 2 card.

Vocal performers



Dancers with experience in professional stage dancing.


We are no longer accepting investors but we are happy to work with you and your venue and are flexible on terms if we feel that there can be a special fit between what you have to offer and what our overall vision is.


Model Placment / Managment

CE understands that it is both difficult for the artist and for the employer to find a correct fit for their event. We help coordinate, screen candidates and events so both parties are satisfied with the position of their placement.

Let us know what you are looking for or have to offer and we will broker a meeting that is pre-screened and reviewed to cut down on misplaced steps.

If you are seeking specific employment or searching for a proper candidate please give us a call and we will take care of everything so that you can focus on other aspects of your event/career.


(DJ) (Producer) (Performer)


Agent Info: 908-913-0267


House Music


DJ & Music Producer “notallthere” is one of our largest clients that provides an incredible house music dance experience local and internationally.

uses the latest in sound entertainment technology along with a vast knowledge of music and crowd pleasing techniques that keeps the party moving and your customers happy.

He knows how to play for a crowd. Subtle lounge rhythms to get the night started. As the night progresses so does the energy and music as sounds change to dance and pop with the right amount of familiar rock & hip-hop to hook interest and create excitement.

notallthere  will create a mood of familiar sounds while introducing new beats that will have people of all tastes happy and moving.

Besides the artist buzz that he will create at your event you will learn of his reliability, fairness and charisma with the customers. Followings develop because people like the music and they enjoy having a DJ that interacts with them in a open friendly manner.



Union County NJ born and raised, notallthere has experienced many international cultures and has studied over 30 forms of music. He has performed at many small private events and at major NY, NJ & International nightclubs and bars such as:

• Pacha Nightclub- Cabo San lucas

• Crobar – NYC

• Fog – Newark NJ

• Harrah’s Resort – Atlantic City

• The Office – Milburn NJ

• Ciafanos Bar & Restaurant – Elizabeth NJ

Plus many more small and private events included A swing club that played Big band music and rockabilly!

He does it all because music is his life. Give us a try and see for yourself.

We have plenty of references if needed.

It is an often occurrence that his patrons request songs and are delighted to find that he can accommodate with a library of over 1 million songs. (Yes Really)



Easy to work with, reliable and loves to have fun with the crowd. DJ notallthere’s talent stems from dedication and practice but most importantly the joy he gets from creating a vibe that people talk about long after their night out. Has done 7 hour long sets for pure enjoyment.




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