Why choose us?  

We are an all-inclusive NJ based Entertainment company that has streamlined partnerships with:

  What does this mean to you? You are a new nightclub or lounge and you need to build a buzz and create excitement. With one phone call we will have you setup with sound, DJ, dancers, photographers & crowd models. Then we will film, record, photograph the crowd, models & dancers.

  • The DJ’s set will be recorded live and streamed with your venues name on multiple music enthusiast websites. Including our DJ’s site: “www.djnotallthere.com (If you Google “best house music DJ NJ” he will come up on the first page. out of 50,700,000 results)
  • Your venue will be listed on CapturedExcitement.com. We are already indexed with Google so you will be too.
  • Your events photos & videos will be given to you on DVD and uploaded to youtube & CapturedExcitment.com for viral distribution.
  • Google optimization and places pages will be created by www.bluetechgreen.com

Don’t spend your energy and money promoting a huge party and not letting the world see what they are missing.You may throw the best event at the best venue but if it is not recorded, it is a waste of marketing power.

The success of any reoccurring event depends on quality, promotion, marketing and word of mouth. We will create the excitement with our ground breaking DJ/Producer and then we will capture it so it will become viral.

Give us a call and tell us what your vision and price scale is. Then let us make it a reality.

CE-Agent@capturedexcitement.com 908-913-0267    

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